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Versatile Heavy-Duty Picture Hangers
Hang Larger Wood Picture Frames
Scroll Down for Specifications and Instructions
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1-Hole D-Ring Hanger

1-Hole D-Ring


set of 2
1-hole d-ring hanger

Qty Sets:

BULK PRICING: $.52 for 25-49 sets • $.50 for 50-99 sets • $.47 for 100-249 sets • $.44 for 250 or more sets


2-Hole D-Ring Hanger

2-Hole D-Ring


set of 2
2-hole d-ring hanger

Qty Sets:

BULK PRICING: $.62 for 25-49 sets • $.59 for 50-99 sets • $.55 for 100-249 sets • $.52 for 250 or more sets



Our minimum order is $20.
You may submit an order for less, but a $5 small order fee will be added.
Prefer to order by telephone?
Phone orders accepted Mon-Fri, 10-5 (Eastern Time): 919-732-8364.
Bulk order items are not supplied individually packaged in most cases.
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Specifications: D-Ring Picture Hangers

D-Ring hangers are a type of heavy-duty hanger that has a D-shaped steel ring held by a doubled-over heavy steel strap. We offer a one-hole and two-hole version of this hanger.


d-ring hangers comparison

1-Hole and 2-Hole D-Ring Hangers


1-hole d-ring hanger

2-hole d-ring hanger

1-Hole D-Ring Hanger
1 1/2" x 1"
1-Hole D-Ring - HWR-707
2-Hole D-Ring Hanger
2" x 1"
2-Hole D-Ring - HWR-709


D-ring hangers are supplied with #6 x 1/2" screws. This screw length will work for most frames. If you wish, you can substitute a longer screw. The available lengths are listed in the table below. There is no extra charge for screw substitution.

Requesting a non-standard screw length for D-ring hangers may delay the shipping of your order by a day or two.

To order a non-standard screw length for D-ring hangers, make your request at the time of ordering by using the Special Instructions/Comments box on the shopping cart form. Please state specifically the screw length you want and the hardware item it is for.

No action on your part is necessary if you want the standard screw length for your D-ring hanger order. Standard screws are sent automatically unless we receive a substitution request.

Always double check to make sure that the hanger screw length you plan to use will not break out on the front face of your frame when the hangers are installed.

Available D-Ring Hanger Screws

#6 x 1/2" - standard

#6 x 5/8"

#6 x 3/4"

#6 x 1"

When used in combination with picture wire on very heavy pictures--or in any circumstance where an added measure of security is desired--heavy-duty hangers and wire can be doubled, like this, to create an even stronger support for the picture.


Instructions: D-Ring Picture Hangers

  1. Place the frame face down on a blanket or soft surface.
  2. D-ring hangers can be used in conjunction with heavy Picture Wire on larger, heavier wood frames.
  3. When used with wire, D-ring hangers should be installed on the frame side rails, between one-quarter and one-third of the way down from the top of the picture.
  4. Measure and mark this distance equally both side rails.
  5. If the frame width allows, position the hangers in alignment with the angle the picture wire will take when the frame is hung and the wire is under tension.
  6. Pre-drill for all screw holes to avoid splitting the wood of the frame. Take care not to penetrate through the front surface of the frame.
  7. Install the D-ring hangers on the frame with appropriate length screws.
  8. Attach heavy picture wire to the hangers using the method illustrated here.
  9. Leave enough slack in the wire so that when it is pulled taut up against the back of the frame, the center point of the wire reaches about half the distance between the hanger position and the top of the frame.
  10. Hang the picture on heavy Picture Hooks or wall anchors.
  11. D-ring hangers can also be used without wire, aligned vertically at the top corners of the frame. The rings of the hangers are then placed directly on picture hooks previously nailed into the wall.
  12. When used in this manner, make sure that the hangers are positioned on the frame an equal distance down from the frame's top edge. Also make sure that the picture hooks are perfectly level on the wall and spaced apart the same distance as the distance between the hangers on the frame.
  13. When used without wire, be sure to place D-ring hangers down far enough from the top edge of the frame to allow the frame to hide the picture hooks when the picture is hung on the wall.



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